Wednesday, June 26, 2013

8 Weeks

8 weeks

Today we visited my family for Mother’s Day.  Katie and I planned on telling the family by blurting out the news while taking a picture of all the Cramer women together.  Before the picture, Aunt Gena announced how perfect it would be if someone would announce that they were pregnant.  Katie and I just looked at each other and said, “Yes, that would be nice, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”  Aunt Gena then lifted the lid to a bean salad and wafted the pungent smell our way….laughing the entire time about how bad it smelled.  Katie and I both turned green and wanted to run to the nearest toilet. (Thanks Aunt Gena BEAN Head!)  We got all the Cramer women together for a picture.  Your dad, who was taking the picture, yelled  1, 2, 3, I chimed, “I’m pregnant,”  and Katie announced, “Me, too!”  Everyone was confused, Brandie thought Caroline said she was pregnant, and Lori did a dance.  It was so fun to look back at the pictures and see everyone’s face.  Two babies at the same time is going to be so much fun!!!

This week, Baby is the size of an: Raspberry
How far along? 8 weeks (I think)
Due date: December 22 (until proven otherwise)
Total weight gain/loss: 0 lbs (116)
Maternity clothes? No.
Sleep: Pretty well
Best moment this week: Telling the Cramer family that we were pregnant.
Food cravings: Oranges
Symptoms: Sore boobs, heart burn, nausea (but not enough to complain about), sooooooo tired.
Food aversions/sickness:  Eggs, coffee, and meat
Gender: Still thinking boy.
Feeling toward Pregnancy: I’m ready to start feeling better
What I miss: Motivation, caffeine, and allergy medicine
What I am looking forward to: Our ultrasound this week!

Milestones: Telling the extended family

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